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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching:

Executive coaching is seen as highly influential in developing and retaining high potential in organizations. We at Pranvis help define the knowledge areas, identify the skills sets and attributes that are critical for executives to be their professional best.

Everyone wishes to have a successful career. Everyone wishes to be able to balance work life and personal life. Everyone wishes to be able to manage time effectively. Pranvis executive coaching program helps you in achieving all this and more.

Pranvis Advantage:

Why choose Pranvis for your coaching needs? Read on.

  • Reputation and credibility:
    As an organization or individual, if you are looking to extract the best out of you to be highly productive at work, the guarantee that you are being coached by someone with a high calibre in the field.Pranvis has highly skilled and competent coaches who have been assisting executives unlock their full potential from even before ‘executive coaching’ became a fad (since 1998)
  • Organizational as well as Individualistic perspective.
    We believe that executive coaching should promote organizational and leadership development. Our coaches have ample exposure to corporate dynamics to conduct the needs analysis and provide coaching keeping in mind the strengths of the individual and the requirements of the organization.
  • Evidence / Outcome based and Result oriented approach.
    Any coaching program is designed and executed keeping a certain goal in mind expecting specific results. With respect to executive coaching, the desired results are decided upon amongst the coach, executive and the organization. We structure our sessions keeping the goal in mind, and constantly following up upon previous sessions and meetings. We focus the coaching sessions on specific issues, executive development, and action items that contribute to the ultimate goals.
  • Continual learning and upskilling:
    We understand that change is constant and the corporate world is no exception. We adapt to the growing and changing needs of the organizational domain and constantly update the knowledge of the market needs as well as the best practices in coaching. We are committed to consistently operate at the highest level of competence.
  • Integrity and Reliability:
    To ensure that he remains receptive to feedback and new learning methodologies, the coach must establish and maintain a psychologically safe and respectful environment for the executive and the organization. Pranvis honours the professional relationships and we strictly adhere to the organization’s existing values, business and ethical practices and policies, confidentiality and proprietary agreements.
  • Long term development.
    Once the coaching sessions are complete, we ensure that necessary action plans are charted out for the executive to be able to continue his development. Pranvis stresses on creating a memorable and meaningful experience for the executive and the organization alike, so that the learnings from the sessions can be used extensively to chart out a long term action plan which will facilitate in the executive’s internal and external development as a professional.

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