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Relationship Coaching, Pranvis

Pranvis specializes in coaching solutions. Several individuals and couples have been benefitted by our relationship coaching and have had their lives transformed – personally and professionally.

Our Relationship Coaching program gives you that human touch every time, and all our sessions are conducted using the SMART goal approach. Since a lot of personal talks will be involved, we ensure that our clients get that psychological security in opening up and to be their best, at the same time getting the best out of every session.

Pranvis Advantage:

Why choose Pranvis for your coaching needs? Read on.

  • High Principled, Credible, and Trustworthy:
    The first question anyone will have while choosing a coach for relationship issues will be “Is he reliable? Can I believe in him? Will my personal details be safe with him?” At Pranvis, our coaches have years of experience in coaching relationship issues, and we understand how delicate the subject is.
  • Scientific and Value based approach:
    Our approach to our clients will be highly personalized, yet will not involve any theistic or religious activities. We respect our clients’ personal beliefs to ensure that our sessions are highly scientific and realistic.Our coaches are highly professional, we follow an evidence/outcome based approach and the repute we have by coaching clients since 2006 holds a testimony to that.
  • We are Coaches, not Consultants:
    The coaches at Pranvis will ensure that the participants get that human touch and you are being coached and not provided therapy. Our coaches are highly supportive, approachable, empathetic, and always ensure that the sessions are not a lecture or monologues. Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions will be listened to, and not just be heard. We can assure you of a human touch in all your sessions
  • Elicit solutions and suggestions from the clients:
    We believe that the solution every client is looking for is within themselves, and we just have to trigger the right chord. Our sessions involve brainstorming with the clients and encouraging them to come up with creative ideas and strategies for the problem at hand. We believe that our clients can learn something from every session, every person they interact with, and we put those learnings to the best approach.
  • Providing a life transforming experience:
    We refuse to be a yet another organization advertising coaching solutions. We are life transforming experts who have been bringing about positive changes in peoples’ lives longer than any other institute (since 1998). We can assure you of the opening up of new possibilities, new perspectives, new dimensions, and new approach towards life and relationships.
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