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No business can be as dutiful as the business of improving work and personal lives of people through life coaching. Become our franchise and let’s join hands to simplify life of us and others while also fulfilling your business and personal goals.

The Market Check

During the next decade, behavioral, soft and leadership skills would affirmatively be the much sought after thrust to contribute in the growth graph of India. The knowledge hub possesses tremendous scope in educational training and corporate leadership market that is expected to grow even further than $100 billion by the end of the decade. To simply put the market potential in figures, here is the overwhelming depiction:

  • Over 1,50,000 Indian schools and colleges educate about 250 million students
  • The current Indian potential consumer base in education sector is 15% more than of China
  • Life coaching is the fastest growing business or profession in India after IT
  • The companies can realize a quick ROI that is as high as 10:1

If you have the vision and valor to mentor people’s life to become as they want it to be, take up our franchise to equip yourself with the right tools and training to accomplish your goals.

Know Us

We are Training and Coaching Organization based in Bangalore. We provide coaching and training to individuals, professionals, students and corporate. Our distinguished methodology of trainings includes demonstrations, role plays, and special assessments for enhanced understanding and successful implementation.


We provide certified training for:


NLP is a term used for Neuro Linguistic Programming, a powerful discipline to enable individuals to unblock human excellence and communication. Our NLP training Bangalore sessions make people to communicate, think and manage themselves and other people in their professional and personal life more effectively.


Soft skills training sessions develop leadership efficiency through non-technical traits like social grace, friendliness, optimism, personal habits and excellent communication skills. Business houses and organizations often endeavor upgrading the soft skills of their work force to be more productive. We cover as much as 25 soft skills in depth.


Train the Trainer: This special training program helps an individual to effectively conduct workshops, special seminars and training. The sole purpose of this program is to build new trainers and at the same time boost the skills of expert and seasoned trainers.


Life Coach Training: You can also become a pro-life coach trainer and help others discover their real potential and tread on a positive path to success. You can assist others design a specific plan to reach their goals by working together and solve problems professionally and personally.

We can be a part of fruitful association when you take our franchise for soft skill training or franchise for corporate training with the following rewards:

  • Get trained before you train
  • Become our authorized trainer
  • Munificent support for marketing, training and certification
  • Lower running cost

Pre-requisite: If you are a graduate above 21 years of age, we welcome you to become our franchise with full freedom to work from anywhere with anyone for a successful career and a prolific business.


Effective Training leaves each individual with a strong desire to apply the learning at professional or personal life. Learning happens easily and effectively when trainees are motivated, engaged and are energetic. So the trainings that we offer are filled with fun, lively, interactive and thought provoking We make learning inspirational and memorable!