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Being technically qualified and skilful is one of the key criteria in any job that requires knowledge and proficiency. A teacher should be a subject matter expert in her chosen subject. Marketing executives need to know the market trends. HR managers should be aware of the company’s policies and procedures. Software professionals need to know how to code well. Trainers need to have thorough knowledge of their domain.

Beyond these skills, as a layman, which teacher would we choose to send our kids to? Someone who is pleasant and child friendly, or someone who is always stern-faced and resorts to hitting the kids? Which marketing executive will we choose to buy products from? Someone who is charming and delivers in an amiable manner or someone who are rude and sounds as though they just wish to dump their product on you. Would you be comfortable opening up about professional issues to an HR executive who is empathetic and with a positive attitude, or someone who continues to work on their system and barely hearing you, not even looking at you? What is the point of coding an error free program, if you cannot present the idea to your bosses in a convincing manner?

According to a recent article in The Economic Times, out of three lakh MBA graduates every year, only 10 per cent are employable. A recent report by Business World estimates the number of students graduating each year to be around 50 lakh of which only 25 per cent of which are deemed to be employable. This means that despite having job opportunities, there are several graduates who aren't fit to be hired in the companies.

So, what makes you want to choose a professional whom you would be comfortable with? What makes the technically sound graduates from even reputed institute unemployable? The answer is pretty simple. They all lack ‘people skills’, often referred to as soft skills. As someone rightly said,

“While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.”

The habit of assessing the level of communication and interpersonal skills, when a company cannot capitalize on the product knowledge or technical expertise, should become a regular ritual. It is important for every organization to recognize how important soft skills are, not only for developing oneself, but for developing the entire organization.

Going by these findings, it is clearly inevitable that one must possess strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills along with a loaded CV or resume.

Next comes the other important question. Where do I go to enhance these skills? I run a simple google search, the page throws up thousands of institutes and ‘professionals’ providing training and certification on soft skills. As is the case with any and every such person, they all claim to be the best in the industry. So which one of them is the true, actual best?

Let’s face it. This does cause a huge pandemonium in your head. So what all should one look for while choosing the right place to enhance your and your company’s soft sills? And why does Pranvis score a perfect 10 on all these parameters? Read on…


Are they the industry experts?

Everyone wants to be trained by the best that is out there. How do you know that one particular person/institute is the best? Their knowledge about the industry and the changing needs of the market. Do they keep up with the growing demand of change or are they redundant and outdated in their approach? The expectations of human mind vary from generation to generation, even from person to person. Can they cater to all these diverse people and wants?

The Pranvis advantage? The founders of Pranvis have a highly qualified background in psychology and are specially focussed on educational, industrial, and organizational psychology. The institute has been in existence since 1998, and still going strong. This would not have been possible without constant and thorough market research and dedication to keep with the ever evolving needs.


Is the training methodology effective and proficient?

                Will the training be yet another classroom where the trainer engages in a monologue? Is this the institute that can take me where I want to? Will the learnings be help me in bringing about an all-round development? Will this transform my life? These are few questions that will invariably be on your mind when you are trying to shortlist an institute.

The Pranvis advantage? The founders and trainers are qualified instructional designers, certified NLP, and soft skills trainers who believe in providing not just an objective experience, but a complete and holistic learning. Pranvis is not yet another certificate selling company. The trainings are highly interactive and activity based. The course material is meticulously designed, vast and comprehensive that you can refer back to it at any given time and be able to recall everything you learnt even years after.


Is the instituted recognised and reputed?

                Alright, you choose an institute, get trained fairly well and come out with the certificate. How well is your certificate acceptable in the market? Will it add more value to my profile? Will it bring you better chances of being employed in a better company with higher pay? Will every trainee be given sufficient personal attention? How are the trainees assessed?

The Pranvis advantage? The institute is ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our Certified Soft Skill Trainer Course is accredited, and as mentioned earlier the institute has been going strong and creating exemplary soft skill professionals since 1998. Every single aspect of the course, building, trainer selection have been so carefully and meticulously executed that, when the ISO audit happened for the first time, all they had as a feedback was to add a fire extinguisher. Such is the detailed and precise working of Pranvis.


It is fine for an individual. What about the corporates who wish to add value to their trainers?

                Without jargon, let’s get straight to the Pranvis advantage here. We understand that, like fingerprints, each company will have their own needs and priorities when it comes to imparting soft skills to their employees. They will already have a well experienced trainer conducting soft skills training within the organization for the existing employees as well as the new hires. Why should they think about an additional soft skill training? Any trainer will agree to the fact that learning is a never ending process. While we may already be an expert in what we do, there could still be few miss that, when corrected, will boost your training classes by manifold. Recognizing the need to provide organization specific process flow, we offer tailor made training for corporates during which we will take inputs from the HR Managers, L&D professionals, trainers themselves, and every other executive involved to provide a comprehensive program that will bring out the best in every trainer of the organization.

As rightly quoted, 

"Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today's work force. It's just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.”