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Certified Life Coach training offers an in-depth understanding of coaching principles and the coaching process. Our study materials supports you in developing skills and techniques required to be an exceptional COACH. Also you set sail on a self-paced journey of personal development and evolution.

Training Objective

  • Build your skill sets and competencies for coaching
  • Provide ample practice on coaching to be able to coach your employee
  • Enable you to offer coaching as a practitioner to individuals or corporate
  • Analyze ways to increase trust and encourage initiative of your client
  • Enhance your communication and listening skills
  • Analyze the approach to handle difficult conversations
  • Develop an action plan to be a COACH

Modules Covered

  • Introduction
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Coaching – Definition
  • Coaching and related Professions – Similarities and Distinctions
  • Coaching Model
  • Structure of the Coaching Call
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Building Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening, Powerful Questioning
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy
  • Authenticity
  • Creating Awareness
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Designing Actions
  • Accountability
  • Managing Progress
  • Coaches as Role Models
  • Feedback
  • Live Ownership and Locus of Control
  • Happiness Exercise
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Success coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Practices for Being Aware and Centered as a Coach….

Who can Attend

  • Managers – to enhance their leadership and people skills
  • HR and L&D Managers
  • Individuals who aspire to become a Certified Life Coach
  • Trainers
  • Line Managers
  • Consultants

Duration: 5 days intensive training program

Sample Certificate