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Certified Life Coach training offers an in-depth understanding of coaching principles and the coaching process. Our study materials supports you in developing skills and techniques required to be an exceptional COACH. Also you set sail on a self-paced journey of personal development and evolution.

Training Objective

  • Build your skill sets and competencies for coaching
  • Provide ample practice on coaching to be able to coach your employee
  • Enable you to offer coaching as a practitioner to individuals or corporate
  • Analyze ways to increase trust and encourage initiative of your client
  • Enhance your communication and listening skills
  • Analyze the approach to handle difficult conversations
  • Develop an action plan to be a COACH

Modules Covered

  • Introduction
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Coaching – Definition
  • Coaching and related Professions – Similarities and Distinctions
  • Coaching Model
  • Structure of the Coaching Call
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Building Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening, Powerful Questioning
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy
  • Authenticity
  • Creating Awareness
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Designing Actions
  • Accountability
  • Managing Progress
  • Coaches as Role Models
  • Feedback
  • Live Ownership and Locus of Control
  • Happiness Exercise
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Success coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Practices for Being Aware and Centered as a Coach….

Who can Attend

  • Managers – to enhance their leadership and people skills
  • HR and L&D Managers
  • Individuals who aspire to become a Certified Life Coach
  • Trainers
  • Line Managers
  • Consultants

Duration: 5 days intensive training program

Sample Certificate


Effective Training leaves each individual with a strong desire to apply the learning at professional or personal life. Learning happens easily and effectively when trainees are motivated, engaged and are energetic. So the trainings that we offer are filled with fun, lively, interactive and thought provoking We make learning inspirational and memorable!