Certified NLP Master Practitioner

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After the completion of NLP Practitioner Certification program, one can enroll for this Certified NLP Master Practitioner Program, where you will learn the deeper tools and techniques and the methods that will truly make you the master of NLP.

During this course you will explore the core principles that underpin the change process, learn how to make transformation at the deep neurological level of identity and discover the unconscious programs that determine our fundamental ways of being.

Training Module

Language Patterns

  • Meta Program
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Influencing with Meta programs


  • Modelling as the foundation skill of NLP
  • Finding and following examples


  • Patterns for masterful linguistic reframing
  • Linguistic re-sourcing to activate resources purely linguistically


  • Values and how they influence everything we do
  • Values intervention -elicitation and creating interventions at a values
  • Pattern detection and meta programs


  • Introduction
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Re-Patterning
  • Working with spatial and visual Time Lines
  • Working with the metaphors presented by clients in their personal history
  • Re-imprinting process – for helping the client to move on from deep rooted issues
  • Utilizing the unconscious mind for tracking and working with past orientated representations


  • Six Steps Reframing

Duration: 5 Days

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