Montessori Teachers Training

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The Montessori Teachers Training Course is the foundation course for any individual wishing to teach or work with children aged between two and half and six years old. This course fulfills the professional training requirements needed for employment as Montessori pre-school teachers. The main objective of Montessori Teachers Training program is to help individuals to take up careers in teaching, giving them the requisite teaching skills, developing refresher programs for existing teachers, and recognising & rewarding excellent teachers will make a significant change in the right direction to guide future generations.

There is consistence evidence that the teacher's quality has an extreme impact on the child's learning outcomes during early years of life. According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) over 1.7 million trained teachers are needed to achieve the universal primary Education. The figure will be much higher if we include the demand for early childhood educators.

Topics Covered:

  • The Life and Work of Dr Maria Montessori
  • The Montessori System of Education
  • The Discovery of the Child
  • Comparison of Montessori Schools with Ordinary Schools
  • To Learn From The Child
  • Introduction to Child Psychology
  • Natural Laws of Development
  • Characteristics of Child Development
  • Periods of Child Development
  • Sensitive Periods
  • The Directress
  • The Prepared Environment
  • Montessori Materials and Tools
  • Importance of Movements in Child Development
  • Behavioural Tendencies
  • Common Deviations
  • Normalisation
  • Exercises of Practical Life
  • Sensorial Activities
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Education sans Tears
  • Education as an Aid to life
  • The Task of the Child
  • Silence Independence and Freedom
  • Human Excellence and Montessori Education


Age:  18 years and above

Language Skills: Proficiency in spoken and written English

Qualification: Graduation - any stream, Participants without the minimum qualifications may be accepted, subject to their being able to demonstrate that they could cope successfully with the work.

Duration: 26 weeks