Negotiation Skills

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It is inevitable that, from time-to-time, conflict and disagreement will arise as the differing needs, wants, aims and beliefs of people are brought together. Without negotiation, such conflicts may lead to argument and resentment resulting in one or all of the parties feeling dissatisfied. The point of negotiation is to reach agreements without causing future barriers to communications

The aim of win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they've won, in some way or the other, after the event.


At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Identify how often we all negotiate and the benefits of good negotiation skills.
  • Recognize the importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Identify the various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics.
  • Gain skill in developing alternatives and recognizing options. .

Training Module:

  • Types of Negotiation
  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Successful Negotiator
  • Key skills for Negotiation
  • Handling challenges
  • The obstacles
  • Dealing with emotion
  • Closing Process


  • Case Study
  • Role-plays
  • Activity based learning
  • Games and Group activities