Teachers Training

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There is consistence evidence that the teacher's quality has an extreme impact on the child's learning outcomes during early years of life. According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) over 1.7 million trained teachers are needed to achieve the universal primary Education. The figure will be much higher if we include the demand for early childhood educators.

India has made great strides in the field of pre and primary education over the past few decades. A lot of attention and time are being devoted to provide quality education to young children as the pre and primary education have a robust and positive impact on future education of the children. Well qualified and adequately trained pre and primary teachers are the need of the hour to ensure the quality of school education. A pre and primary school teacher makes a lot of difference in the lives of the young learners because the teacher is considered to be one of the most important contributing factors in the lives of young learners. 

The Teacher must observe guide and tailor her teaching as per the need of the child. She must have a superior knowledge about the child care, management, nutrition, health growth and development of child during her early years of life. The course prepares the trainees with the right knowledge and the skills to educate the tender ones

The Teachers Trainign programs at Pranvis are extensive course covering a wide range of Montessori Theory and Practice, Teachers training Certification, life skills trainer certification, students counselling certification. These programs teaches the teaching methodologies along with the practical skills to educate the children during their early years of life.