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Premarital Training

The Pre-Marital Training is for couples who are exploring the idea of getting married and for those who are already engaged

There are few lakhs estimated divorce cases and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate every year. Either the boy or the girl files for divorce. It concerns me as a parent. While the individual has valid reasons for filing divorce what can be done to prevent the separation. 


That is the reason I have created a course that will help  to-be couple on the various intricacies of marriage and the way to prepare them to handle situations in their married life. Many a times couples look only till the point of marriage and not beyond, most of them do not think of what they are going to do when there is a problem and how are they going to deal without compromise. 


My research and expertise of working with 350+ couples suggests that couples divorce when there’s lack of transparency, communication breakdown, compatibility, attitude, ego, 3rd party influence as some of the prominent reasons for couples separtion.


Prior to the marriage it’s a great idea to find out for compatibility before marriage than getting married and going through painful divorce. If the couples expectations are met things are fine and the marriage will last.


The Premarital Training helps couples do expectancy mapping and identify if He/She is the ideal partner for each other. Focuses also on understand the upbringing of each other and prepare themselves to handle various challenges life’s problems poses and ways to deal it. 


The psychology, motive, motivation and purpose behind a behaviour and empower each other with the necessary tools and techniques to deal the challenges that may arise 


Prepare and frame rules and ensure compatibility with empathy and much more 

All these tools and techniques will prepare the couples for their happy married life!

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